Email Marketing

Email marketing is a rock in a marketing strategy. Leave it in a corner and you’re sure to lose money and profitability. Take a step ahead of the competition now by engaging in email marketing projects.

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CRM, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation…

Call it what you want, this is about getting your leads finally buy from you and equally important: get these handful of customers you already have to come back to your store and buy more.

Your existing customers are like a gold mine. You can’t decently sit on it, doing nothing.

If you’re ready to pick and mine through it, we’re here to help. 

Because don’t be brutal: without the proper equipment and training, you’ll just end up crushing these diamonds.

Marketing Automation

Increase Lifetime Value

Email, SMS, Push, Direct…

Get leads to convert

Get customers to buy more

Satisfied Clients


Lifetime Value


Klaviyo Agency Partner

Satisfied Clients


Lifetime Value


Klaviyo Agency Partner

Our Methods


We examine what the resources are and what the best course of action is, specifically for your brand.

No pre-arranged templates or anything. We dig deeper in your market, your account, your database. 


With our roadmap in hand, we setup the initiatives decided after the audit. 

We build as much as we can to increase lead conversion rate, customer lifetime value and drive more sales.


When the basics are covered, we keep building the sides and we optimize our new resources.

Using A/B Testing, benchmarks, and special actions.


A team of certified expert

You don’t want a random guy to play with your gold mine.

Our team is fully certified on softwares such as Klaviyo.

We use different softwares daily, be it Emarsys, Adobe Campaign for Medium to large accounts, and sometimes Mailchimp or Sendinblue when people need an upgrade.