Work and passion, ambiance and excellence, that’s what we strive for at Make Sense For Digital. You want to join an agency where only passionate people are? Come and see for yourself !

About Us


Ready to make an impact ?

Collective Intelligence

We believe that everyone has strengths. And we want people to spend most of their time polishing their strengths for their benefits and for the group. Because we’re smarter together, everyone is connected through knowledge and skills.

Retail experience

All our marketers have previous experience in a retail environment. We believe it forges spirit and makes you understand the life of those who need to sell daily. 

Team players

One for all and all for one: our team shares experiences and gets more knowledge. Stronger together, we enjoy working together everyday for the benefits of our clients !



Open Positions

Traffic Manager

Are you truly passionate about Ads? You want to master an ad network better than the engineers working on it?

To give the best for client’s growth?

Great, that’s our goal too.

CRM Manager

You strive for customer lifetime value? PRM, CRM, leadgen are familiar terms for you?

You love marketing automation?

Email, SMS, Push app, direct marketing, you want’em all? Great !


We usually don’t hire interns. If you’re really passionate about Ads or CRM, you can still apply.

Please note that we only rely on win-win relationships with interns: you’re here to learn while helping.

Not coffee making or printing copies.



Competitive Salary

That’s just basics, right?

Profit Sharing

We grow in revenue, you grow in bonus, that’s the way we do things here.

Company Life

No table soccer here but our company is like the Avengers of marketing: super heroes and passionate people to become better in your field, everyday.

Flexible schedule

We don’t care that much about when you get in or out of the office. What matters is getting the job done.

Hybrid work

Working remotely once or twice a week. Flexible though. You want to get a week in Morocco and work from there? Sure thing.

Health & Dental

Our health insure is one of the best in France and is covered 100%. We also cover 100% welfare plan is also covered in case something really bad happens.